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Why choose origin We strongly believe that these aluminium windows offer the best combination in style, security and efficiency. We carefully select  all our suppliers to ensure we offer you the best available.

Whether you need new windows to replace the old, you have recently moved home and are doing a full renovation or you wish to create a brand new conservatory, Origins robust aluminium windows are perfect for your requirement.  

Infrared images of homes suffering from excessive energy loss and the resulting high energy bills, always tend to show the majority of heat loss escaping from the windows, especially over the colder winter months.  You may think a window is there simply to allow you to look out and let the light in, but with huge advances in the design and materials used to make windows and their frames, they are now a fantastic way to save your home some money.  In fact the Origin windows can not only keep the warmth in during the winter but also the heat out during the summer, which means you could also be saving on the running of an air conditioning system in the hotter weather; with an ‘A’ energy rating from the building regulation requirements - you can’t get better!

You may potentially be concerned as to whether new windows will suit the style of your home, or the surrounding area; perhaps your home is centuries old and you are worried that a set of brand new frames may ruin its character.  Luckily with the flush casement, which is entirely unique to Origin, and its choice of outer layer finishes, from natural woods through to jet black metals, these hardwearing aluminium frames can be designed and adapted to suit any building and any environment.  Not only that, but their robust, simple to manoeuvre handles can be colour matched to the chosen material - which is an industry first and ensures a complete and slick finish!

Every set of windows are made on request based on your needs, so they are completely bespoke and the shape and size is created to fit your exact requirements.  So whether you need to fill a standard window size or a bespoke gable end, Origin Windows can create whatever you need.  

With exquisite engineering, maximum safety features including their innovative bi-directional locking technology, flawless finishes and high end quietly control, Origin aluminium windows can offer any home the most elegant, aesthetically pleasing and sound long term window solutions.