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Why choose origin Our preferred supplier for bifolding doors is Origin and the Easifold product, with their service and quality they offer an industry leading product.

No matter the weather or the season, letting light in to our homes helps to open up the space and create a bright and peaceful environment.  Many people feel that this is simply not an option for their style, shape or size of house, yet you will be surprised by how adaptable Origin bi-fold doors can be, and what a magnificent difference they can make to your home.

Origin Bi-fold doors can be configured to your exact specifications, almost any size opening or any number of doors can be produced to create your ideal living space, These aluminium bi-fold doors can be custom built to perfection.  This adaptability ensures that even the smallest or largest homes can benefit from bi-fold doors, giving you peace of mind that you are making the most of the space and creating a wonderful day-to-day living environment for you and your family.  And you needed worry about little fingers getting trapped, because the doors are created with a ‘finger safe’ seal ensuring that there is no gap remaining when doors are closing.

The bi-fold design can be either left or right hand opening, folding either inwards or outwards, and and it comes on a slim, smooth track which means that to open and close only the smallest of nudges is required. This track system also means that you can have the doors fully or partially opened or completely closed, allowing you the ability to create the exact space you need.

Another fantastic benefit of the bi-fold doors is their ability to blend into any design of house, whether your preference is for sleek and monochrome, bright and colourful or traditional woods.  So regardless of whether you are making a statement, or simply making the most of your living space, you can do both with the wide variety of colour ways and material types the bi-fold doors can be created in                                         .

Of course, many people naturally worry that having the majority of a wall made of glass would result in the room being damp and chilly, but with beautifully made, custom built bi-fold doors, you can be sure that your home will remain perfectly warm in the winter and cooled to perfection in the summer.  That is because of the super efficient double glazed units; keeping the undesirable weather out and the inside temperature to your own specifications.  

Yet of course, when summer hits, the lucky owners of bi-fold doors are able to create an instant extension on to their home simply by opening up the doors and letting the garden become a brand new, sunny room.  Having floor to ceiling doors enables you to feel as though you are living in a whole new world, where nature and your home are as one, which is absolutely ideal for lazy summer days with the family in the garden, and drawn out warm evenings of barbecues with friends.

You can really make the most of your living space with bi-fold doors - bringing light in to even the darkest, smallest of spaces.