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Industry Leading 20 Year Guarantee

Each bespoke Origin Bi-fold Door is designed and manufactured at their impressive state of the art High Wycombe facility.

Only ultra-high quality components, specially designed by the Easifold 3000, are used in an Origin Bi-fold Door. Every one of their skilled craftsmen takes pride in creating the best folding sliding doors money can buy.

That's why Origin Bi-fold Doors are guaranteed to perform faultlessly for at least 20 years. Each bespoke door set comes with a unique serial number that guarantees the doors at the property for two decades. No other manufacturer of bi-fold doors guarantees their products for this length of time.

Thermal Efficiency

Your Origin Bi-fold Doors will keep you warm when it's chilly, and cool when it's hot. With a Certified U Value of 1.3* we surpass the British Building Regulation requirements by a significant margin, keeping your energy bills low and helping you stay green.

* The doors have been tested and independently certified with Triple Glazed Units, and we’re well within the current Building Regulations L1 and L2, even with standard double glazed units.

Safety first

a unique set of safety features

Nothing is more important than safety and comfort in your home. That's why we've designed them into every Origin product.

The Bi-fold Door comes with a bespoke 'finger safe' seal between each door leaf, which ensures that even when they are fully open and folded to their maximum extent, there is no gap for little fingers to get trapped in. Cleverly the lead door is prevented from slamming or being caught by gusts of wind by a strong magnetic stay which holds the door in the open position.

The threshold design allows the bottom track to be encased in the floor and hides away the free-glide roller system to prevent little fingers from getting trapped.

Secure By Design

These bifold doors offer style and security. Available with the latest high performance and high security multi point locking system. An eight point locking system, manufactured in the UK, conforming to the demanding “Secured by Design” standard.

Chamfered 20mm Linear bolts offer smooth operation when engaging the lock as well as giving maximum compression for increased weather resistance. The lock has 25mm deep throw security hooks, the deepest available on the market today. The lock deliverers the best in both security and weatherproofing.