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Electric Blinds Our beautiful blinds speak for themselves. Quality and style without compromise.


Origin's electric roller blinds work via a remote system or wall mounted touch screen, which means that with one touch of a button the ideal atmosphere has been created in seconds.  It really is as easy as that!  Even more impressive is their ability to use a sensor system meaning that they rise and fall with the sun - ideal for households which travel away a lot or for those who are keen to reduce their energy usage.  

 Whether you have the bi-fold doors or Origin windows already installed or are simply looking to enhance the look of existing windows, the electric roller blinds can do the job beautifully.  They roll up and away quietly and neatly into their ‘cassette’ at the top of the window, ensuring that both the daylight and view remain unobstructed, which if you have taken the time to fit floor to ceiling bi-fold glass doors in, is no doubt of the highest importance to you and your home.  

Of course design is probably crucial to you as well - and happily, long gone are the days of one design blind fits all.  A range of striking looks can be achieved with the electric roller blinds with their vast array of colours and styles, all of which can be matched to your bi-fold door or else created to compliment any design, furniture or interiors already in situ.

You can also choose from materials with varying translucence, meaning that you are in control of how much light comes through in to your home.  Where some people may prefer a lighter material to give a gentle glow of moonlight through the blinds at night, other people treasure their privacy and the cosiness factor is key, and will therefore opt for a heavier, thicker material to create a delicious cocoon effect in the room.  

The material you choose may also play an important factor for you when it comes to the summer months, where furniture and possessions can potentially be bleached out by the heat of the sun.  In these cases, a set of lightly translucent blinds can quickly, simply and elegantly put a stop to that.   

The overall design, look and feel of your Origin blinds, and in turn your home, really is your hands and entirely based on your your specific needs, the present design and and what you feel is important to you as a household.

Blinds can be the perfect accessory to enhance any room and create the ultimate ambiance, from chilly days when you want to snuggle up and keep winter out, to beautiful spring mornings when you wish to let in the first signs of new life.

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